Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Right Idea, Wrong Action

First, thank you to Congress for approving $40B in budget cuts. Spending under W has risen at appalling levels, and it is a relief to see that someone is paying attention. Second, the areas the cuts come from (student loans, medicare) should not be anywhere near the first priorities of budget cuts. The #1 recipient of budget cuts should be anything in the defense budget not directly related to the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan. Here are my suggestions for budget cuts:

$3.3 B - DDX Destroyer...Lotto winner = Northrup Grumman...Why? After pirate attacks in Africa this fall, the need for a whole new fleet of state of the art battleships is pretty clear...Plus, this may mean we can take Gibraltar!

$5.0 B - C-130...Lotto winner = Lockheed Martin...Why? Planes with propellors belong on the history channel, not in the 2006 budget.

$5.2 B - FA/22...Lotto winners = Lockheed Martin, Boeing...Why? Other than cold war era movies, we really don't have a need for combat planes. Who needs them when you can fire $1M/pop missiles that do the same job?

$1.0 B - V-22...Lotto winner = Boeing...Why? I'm the first to admit it's an engineering marvel, but what's the point? It's been around for 15+ years and never once been used in combat. Why are we buying these?

I've saved $14.5 B and I've only been at it 15 minutes. We're no longer in an arms race with the Soviet Union, so let's stop acting like it. Our defense spending could probably be cut in half without drastic reductions in our real-life capabilities.

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