Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hell, Yes!

Today the AP reports on Kofi Annan's response to the newly released Volcker report on corruption at the UN. When asked if he would resign, Mr. Annan responded politely, "Hell No."

'"After so many distressing and untrue allegations have been made against me, this exoneration by the independent inquiry obviously comes as a great relief," he said. '

The AP report of the Volcker investigation clearly points out that Annan is not cleared of any wrongdoing; rather, Volcker states, "Our investigation has disclosed several instances in which he might, or could have become aware, of Cotecna's participation in the bidding process..." Cotecna being the company which controlled the Oil-for Food contracts given out by the UN. Cotecna is also the company that employed Kofi's son Kojo until 1998, when the company won the contract.

In a day in age when Bernard Ebbers of Worldcom is unable to claim ignorance about his company's financial dealings, are we able to hold Kofi Annan to a different standard? Further, are we not to be disgusted when a world "leader" surrounded by controversy and marred by corruption responds to an inquiry about leaving his position by saying "Hell no?"

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