Thursday, October 20, 2005

Boxer: You Disagree with me, Therefore you are Extreme

As I commented on here, I am beginning to understand the most powerful tool of the Democratic Party as well as liberals everywhere: the "normalization" of their ideas. The easiest way to win an argument is to stand firm in the idea that your opinion is "the way it should be."

Barbara Boxer and other liberals are using this idea continuously throughout the nomination process for the Supreme Court:

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said Miers has taken "the most extreme position of anyone I have ever known on abortion, assuming she believes that there ought to be a constitutional ban on abortion which would make it a crime except if a woman's life is at stake."

Oh, really? Barbara has never met anyone who also believes that abortion is a procedure that should be outlawed? Evidently she only has contact with 43% of the US population, because the other 57% opposes abortion. Do you see how this works? Liberals in congress put out talking point after talking point about abortion to the hopeful end that the average American will start to believe them. After all, if you repeat a false statement enough people do begin to believe it.

This idea that staunch pro-lifers are "extreme" is so pervasive that Supreme Court judges cannot even comment on abortion, for fear that they be instantly labeled "extreme." This, of course, is untrue do to the fact that the majority of Americans agree with pro-life ideas.

In the end this goes back to not believing everything you see or hear. Do not allow yourself or others to be pulled into this "normalization" of ideas. A pro-abortion opinion is no more extreme than a pro-life opinion. Don't let Barbara fool you.

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