Friday, October 07, 2005

Greenspan Returns Raffled Porsche

Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve and revered economic leader, won a Porsche Boxster three months too early. As a dedicated public servant, he cannot accept gifts over $25, even thoguh the raffle tickets were bought for him by a wife and her friend (you can bet Senator Kennedy wouldn't return a bottle of Gentleman Jack if he "won" it off a homeless man on the street). Greesnpan will retire from the Federal Reserve in January after 18 years at the helm of American monetary policy.

As reported in the Washington Post, Mr. Greenspan hasn't driven a car since he became chairman. His wife, an NBSC correspondent, and her friend bought $500 of raffle tickets from a Spina Bifida Association fundraiser, which paid off handsomely with a $50,770 Boxster. Ultimately, they plan to donate the car to charity. Their luck myay still hold out, I think I would leave my job and buy a car to have the privilege of driving Mr. Greenspan around come January.

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