Friday, October 28, 2005

The NY Times High Standards of Reporting

Today the ever-mockable Times Correction Section had this winner:

An article in some copies on Sunday about The New York Times's editorial that day endorsing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for re-election referred imprecisely to its statements about his record on education. While it said that "no mayor has devoted more effort to improving the schools, " the editorial did not list improvements or specifically mention Mr. Bloomberg's success in winning mayoral control over the schools.

It seems the Times must be setting itself up to a new journalistic standard. Does this mean in future editorials that when the Times makes statements it will actually have facts to back them up? Wow!

However, I followed the link to the original article, and found it was an article in the Times describing the Times's editorial supporting Michael Bloomberg for reelection. What? The Times wrote an article about itself? Is this where the media entity is headed? Has the media grown to the point that it no longer needs such pesky things as "news" and "stories" and "people," but it can actually singularly report on it's own doings? You'd think so with Plame and Judy Miller and Dan Rather and all of that. I hope we can return to a time when newspeople report the news, and are not themselves the news...

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