Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Times makes me laugh...

It's the Right Wing Conspiracy, stupid!

An op-ed in the Times today has a whopper of a story today. He believes that the reason Republican President's Supreme Court nominees rarely vote to overturn Roe V. Wade is because Republican Presidents don't really want it overturned! Why?

This lopsided investment in anti-abortion rhetoric has allowed Presidents Reagan, Bush and Bush to collect the votes of the anti-abortion faithful without paying much of a price among the electorate at large. But imagine what would happen if a Republican president actually honored the promise, explicit or implied, to engineer a court majority to overturn Roe. Republican opposition to abortion rights would no longer be theoretical. And moderate voters, who have learned to discount anti-abortion hypocrisy, would surely exact a high electoral price for the Republicans' new sincerity.

Why, because pro-life republicans would have no reason to vote for a candidate that was pro-life if the "right" to abortion was overturned! Of course!

Now, the stupidity of this is palpable. Has the fact that women can have an abortion made Democrats not vote for candidates for the sole reason that they are pro-choice? Of course not! In fact, as Slowpitch already pointed out, in many cases it is all that they look for.

Well, it's good to know that the conspiracy is alive and well. I thought it had accomplished all it set out to after Clinton was disbarred! But, no - it's reemerges to keep all of us silly pro-lifers voting for Republicans year after year...

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slowpitch said...

Maybe the joker wa sright, Thta' swhy it tookthe court so long to overturn the 'separate but equal' finding of Plessy with the firm desegregation order of Borwn v. Board. I truly have a hard time finding an explanation for democrat behavior other than the simple explanation of insanity and a lack of reasoning skills. Coherenec and consistency means nothing their book. Principles and character be damned as long a sthey get what they want: killing fetuses and oppressing Iraqis. Can someone please let me know another explanation?