Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome on the Rampage

For those of you who haven't seen the Rocky Horror Show (I mean the play, not the movie) beware. It is quite a B play, but depending on your desire for participation and enjoyment of yelled obscenities you just might like it. If you don't know audience members are encouraged to yell humorous and/or obscene things at the actors during specific parts of the show. In other words, before an actor says in a scene "I think we can do better" someone might yell, "What do you think of your performance?!"

In this particular college production of Rocky Horror there were at least five instances when actors in the audience (known as audience phantoms) yelled anti-Bush blurbs at particular points in the show. As in the case above, the actor yelled, "What do you think of George W.?!"

While there's nothing really wrong with this, and my only compliant about it will be on this blog, I wonder why people are so obsessed with their hatred of George Bush? Has this ever happened before in US history? Living on a college campus I am constantly inundated with what is known as Bush Derangement Syndrome, or BDS. This is a well-documented phenomenon of blaming George W. Bush for everything in the world that is bad. From hurricanes to tsunamis to a B play, all things negative can be blamed on Bush. It's ridiculous.

All in all, I have been and will be contesting examples of BDS in my graduate program. After all, if I didn't want to constantly hear how bad conservatives, Christians, and George W. Bush are I would never have gone to college.


Clint said...

"I wonder why people are so obsessed with their hatred of George Bush? Has this ever happened before in US history?"

See also: Clinton, William Jefferson

radar said...

Where there songs from a dozen popular artists with lyrics like "F*ck Bush" "President gasman?" Where there postage stamps as "art" on display with a gun to Clinton's head?

Where there protestors marching the streets of San Fransisco chanting for Bush's assasination?

Was every editorial in every major newspaper in the US analyzing Clinton's "fall" and his "lies" and "campaigning?"