Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bush Shouldn't Confer with Dems for SCOTUS Pick

So democrats like Harry Reid are upset that W. didn't confer with them about the Alito nomination. They are calling the nomination a 'gift to the far right' and saying that bush only governs for his base, whatever that means.

The question is, with actual democrat members of Congres calling for W. to be impeached and publicly proclaiming he's a coward and a liar, why in the world would he ever listen to them at all? Don't forget: President Bush nominated Miers because he thought she could avoid a fight. Reid *recommended* her to the president. Bush thought he could choose a candidate that would be agreeable, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing he could ever do that would gain liberal support. He could pull the troops our of Iraq and reinstall Hussein, double federal spending and collectivise manufacturing, all while starting a program to distribute clean needles to inner-city fourth graders; he would still not have the support of liberals. Liberals like Kennedy and Schumer are *not* mainstream, and Bush should never have to apologize for not including them in deliberations.

Way to go, W. Alito will be good, and I have $100 riding on his confirmation and encourage others to make this sound investment; You can always bank on liberal dimwittedness and the brighter future for our country. If only Chuck Schumer can convince libs to try the filibuster, we can kill two birds with one stone: a better SCOTUS and the judicial filibuster (maybe more birds with thte stone if it means red state senate dems won't be back for the 110th Congress).

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