Saturday, November 05, 2005

French Concerns

With all of the flack that the US gets everytime we're hit with, well, the greatest natural and terrorist-enduced disasters of all time I sometimes wonder what we're being compared to. I have a feeling that some of the socialist countries in Europe are completely incapable of handling any kind of disasters whatsoever. Over a thousand people were killed by one of the worst hurricanes ever to strike a nation (Katrina). Nearly 3,000 were killed in the US by the worst terrorits attack in world history.

However, does anyone remember the Paris heat wave in 2003? The temperatures reached the low hundreds, and in a country that does not have many air-conditioned homes over 3,000 people died - from a heat wave!

If you've had your head in the sand for the past week or so, you might've missed the ninth straight day of rioting by Mulsim youths in the Paris suburbs. The government has called for calm, yet the riots keep spreading and increasing in damage and destruction. It seems to me that the French government has no strategy or any clue how to address this rapidly decaying social disaster. Does that seem ironic to anyone? I suppose that the French thought that free housing, welfare, and healthcare would keep imigrants from north Africa happy - guess not.

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