Tuesday, December 06, 2005

[Insanely] Biased story of the day

The AP throws a bone to Saddam supporters and makes no bones about flashing their open lack of an attempt to remain unbiased.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Watching the Saddam Hussein trial at home on television, Jinan Mushrif said she got chills of pride Monday when she saw the ousted leader and a co-defendant chant, "Long live Iraq, long live the Arab state."

"These are the real men of Iraq, not those who hide behind their bodyguards," the 49-year-old Baghdad housewife said with a laugh.

Saddam's repeated outbursts at the third session of his trial on charges of mass murder found a receptive audience among some Sunni Arabs, tapping into Sunni resentment of the new order in Iraq, in which their once-ruling minority community is now dominated by the Shiite Muslim majority and the Kurds.

"Majority rule" anyone? How can they print this trash? Since when does "majority rule" mean "dominated?"

"Maybe Saddam did oppress those who opposed him," Omar said. "But for every Iraqi, deep inside, he looks like the strongman we need."

The AP must have turned over a rock to find these people. Considering the vast majority of Iraqi's just want Saddam shot in the street and dumped into a mass grave like those who are now "dominating" Iraq once were (hence the Saddam defense assassinations). This article is so ridiculous that I refuse to go on.

This is the failure of modern journalism. The AP is not covering news, but rather the stories that "need" to be heard.

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