Sunday, January 01, 2006

Peace is the Coolest

Peace is cool, right? Most people think so, and some people toss out clever little "peace-isms" to let you know that they are down with peace and against war. Tonight as part of my rockin' New Year's plans I caught the end of the New Year's show hosted by Regis on Fox. (I turned the channel from NBC when Wanda Sykes joked about dropping "negroes" instead of the ball for New Year's in New York City in 1965.)

Anyway, Regis was doing great until right at the end. He signed off the show by hinting at New Year's resolutions and the like and said, "Let's start the new year by working for peace instead of fighting for it."


I'm not sure what Regis meant, but all I can figure is that it is a stab at the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism. Evidently Regis feels that military action toward an attempt to establish justice is not peace. Too bad for Regis that historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. recognize that peace is not only the absence of war but the presence of justice.

I know Regis isn't a dumb guy - it's just obvious that American celebrities and media-types think it's cool, necessary, and generally agreed upon that peace is the coolest always and all the time regardless of justice or equity. Oh, how the lessons of history have been forgotten.

So remember - peace is the coolest.

It's time to switch it back to ABC and watch Hillary Duff lip-sync. Happy (peaceful) New Year.

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