Wednesday, January 04, 2006


They won it. Are you surprised? I'm not, but I'm sure plenty in the sports media will be quite confused. How did USC lose? I'll tell you (partly) why. They're cocky.

First quarter USC 4th down and 1. They're on the Texas 16 yard line, and instead of kicking a field goal for 3 they go for it. Why? Because They're USC and they'll get it, right? Nope - and they lost by 3. How fitting.

Why do I write about this? 1) I'm kinda glad Iowa State never had to lose to Texas by 70 points, and 2) USC reminds me of... you guessed it - Democrats.

Matt Leinart was interviewed briefly on ABC after the game. His quote? "I still think we're a better team, they just made some good plays and won the game." Denial anyone?

You lost, Leinart. There was no fraud, and no recount necessary...

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