Monday, January 09, 2006

Why you should read the Economist

Today they have an excellent article about the political future in America. While Democrats think they are one step away from taking over the world, a few governorships and not the majorities in either house of Congress is probably all they're going to get.

The ruling party has one leg bogged down in Iraq and the other in sleaze. Democrats are now dreaming of seizing control of Congress and impeaching George Bush for his “illegal” wiretaps.

Dream on. Most analysts expect the Republicans to lose ground at the mid-term elections in November, but there are several reasons for doubting that the party's pain will translate into power for the Democrats on Capitol Hill, let alone a chance to impeach the president.

The only sad thing about this article is that the term "impeachment" is tossed out as if it is a casual possibility for presidents. Only two presidents have been impeached, and neither were convicted of "high crimes and misdemeanors." The thought that a change of power in Congress would be a set up for the impeachment of Bush is silly. However, the Democrats are not unknown for similar silliness.

Read the Economist; the Captain wants you to...

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