Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Day Another...

These next two stories are pretty much why I read Little Green Footballs nearly every day.

The first is a story of a Palestinian mother who is upset with her daughter for failing as a suicide bomber. When someone says these people are just like us I have to say they are quite wrong. The young woman was planning on blowing up a hospital clinic and was hoping to kill around 40 Israelis (and hopefully some children). She had access to the clinic because she was being treated for severe burns she suffered in an accident. Nothing says insane terrorist like a woman who wanted to blow up a hospital and a doctor that saved her life in the name of being a martyr. Oh - and her mom discouraged her initially because she was a woman. There is no equal opportunity among Palestinian suicide bombers.

The second story is one that is repeated regularly on LGF. The media usually likes to potray certain Muslim Clerics as "moderate," seemingly to potray that there actually are some. LGF has a great history of linking to MEMRI TV, a website that translates regular television broadcasts from the middle east. This article is about a "moderate" Muslim Cleric that describes how the there is a war against Jews and it is "in the name of Islam" and that on judgement day the trees and stones will cry out for Muslims to murder Jews. Nice.

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