Sunday, February 19, 2006

Should the Media Survive?

Now that Harry Whittington has?

Today the Canada Free Press writer John Burtis has a hilarious must-read article on the media shenanigans about 28-gauge shotgun pellets and a hunting accident.

When Harry Whittington strode out of the Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, wearing a blazer, a crisp white shirt and a smile, as well as a bruise and a few small scabs, to face the media last Thursday, the whole artful and painfully constructed edifice of the liberal communications industry and their Democratic hand maidens came crashing down around them.

With Harry walking into the daylight under his own power, alone, sans wheelchair, without an iron lung, without a company of white suited orderlies and paramedics to brace him, with nary an IV bottle and hose in view, without sunglasses, without constant medical attention, without a single tremor or palsied movement, without a give-away halt to his gait, with not a single visible bandage in sight, with his hair combed perfectly, the jig was up on all of the liberal media’s monkey business and clowning around.

If you read the whole article you'll get a taste of how ridiculous the media has been about this whole affair. To sum up the absurd ignorance of the media and the American Left about shooting guns one of my classmates said, "I don't even know why people are out hunting. Hunting is stupid."

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