Thursday, March 02, 2006

Infiltration of the Left

I haven't reported this until now, but I have subscribed myself to a variety of lefty email lists, including John Kerry's and the DNC. Today the DNC sent out this whopper:

Dear Friend,

After I sent my email to you yesterday, the AP released tapes of President Bush being briefed on the dangers and impact of Hurricane Katrina the day before the storm hit. The tapes directly contradict Bush's now infamous claim after Katrina, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

Even though the Republicans have consistently stonewalled Democrat's efforts for a thorough investigation of Hurricane Katrina, to find out what they knew and when they knew it, the facts are getting out. It is vital that everyone read the AP story and see the tapes for themselves. This story is too important to be spun by talking heads and right wing pundits - now you can see it firsthand.

Visit the page, watch the video and forward it to your friends and family. This is a story NO American can afford to miss.

Read the article and watch the video now by visiting:

Thank you,
Tom McMahon

Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

I wish to comment on the bold comment above. As previously rebuffed by Powerline and my other post Bush was never briefed on the levees possibly breaching, but rather overtopping. Although the DNC would like you to think these are the same thing they are radically different. A levee can be overtopped, but only under continuous overtopping will it fail (like in a river flood). The levees at New Orleans were understood to be able to withstand overtopping for as long as the storm surge affected them. Neither the authorities concerned, nor those who briefed the government, nor those who briefed Bush in the AP video believed that the levees would ever be breached - least of all multiple ones in multiple areas.

In the sidebar of my email the DNC calls hurricane Katrina the worst natural disaster in American history. Not to belittle the nearly 800 people that died in the south as a result, but I think that the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and it's 6,000 deaths would hold that title. Not that the Democrats are interested in truth, anyway...

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