Monday, March 06, 2006

Tom Harkin: Wrong

Today is one of the few time I'm really embarrassed to be from Iowa. Tom Harkin has joined such reputable congressmen as John Murtha and has called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The Iowa Democrat says Iraq is now in a civil war. He says American withdrawal should begin immediately to--quote--"extricate ourselves from that quagmire over there."

However, the commander of military forces in Iraq, General George Casey, disagrees with Tom's assessment of the Iraqi situation:

"It appears that the crisis has passed," said Army Gen. George Casey, giving a detailed public report card.


He also said the number of violent incidents turned out to be lower than press and security forces reported in the immediate aftermath of the bombing.... Gen. Casey said that in a reported 30 attacks on mosques, only two were severely damaged. Of eight mosques that were reported damaged, inspections showed only one had damage -- a broken window.

Why is it that Democrats will jump on the ignorant and misleading press bandwagon so fast that they make comments that are days late. If Tom would have said this after the golden dome mosque bombing and not after the truth that the press has totally exaggerated the sectarian violence he wouldn't sound like a complete idiot. However, he's a couple days late and a lot of dollars short.

But can you blame him? I've never heard of the press exaggerating or lying about a story to make a point before - have you?

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