Friday, March 31, 2006

Tom's gone crazy!

I was reading this story about former Nixon aide John Dean's Judiciary Committee testimony about Bush's wiretapping program. He says (inexplicably) that what Bush is doing is worse than what Nixon did. (Let's also not forget that Mr. Dean has already written a book about the subject - this will be nice publicity for that).

Buried at the bottom is this line:

The censure resolution has attracted only two co-sponsors, Democratic Sens. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Barbara Boxer of California. The Senate's other 41 Democrats have distanced themselves, many saying they want to first see the results of a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of the matter.

Aren't I proud of Iowa's senator! He's in league with such prominent cool heads as Barbara Boxer on this one - while the other 41 Democrats in the senate do the intelligent thing and hope that their names end up no where near this censure fiasco.

Way to go Tom - you're making us proud.

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