Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Not a rational human being"

No kidding? Iran is enriching uranium, and has a couple hundred centrifuges already going. They need maybe 1 or 2 thousand to start cranking out nukes, but considering most people though it would be years before they were enriching who knows what to believe.

The White House says that Ahmadinejad is insane. Really? I thought the whole "we'll wipe Israel off the map" thing was just a protest against American foreign policy (with apologies to Sean Penn).

What I've really been thinking about is the whole "Bush to nuke Iran" bruhaha. Although it may be the case that only nuclear bunker-busters can get deep enough to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities - does anyone really think that Bush would deploy nuclear weapons? Let's not kid ourselves here - nukes aren't just strategic weapons - they mean something. To deploy a nuclear weapon in this day in age is completely insane and I doubt I will ever see them used - especially by the US.

The US is too scared to use high-pressure water jets to break up riots (an effective and often-used tactic in many other countries) due to their connection to race suppression in the south during the civil rights movement. Does anyone really think Bush will ever use nukes?

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