Friday, April 28, 2006

A Ridiculous New Level of Partisan Bickering by the Press

"I want to watch CNN! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" - White House Press Corp.

Today a reporter from the Washington Post, while on Air Force One, complained that the TV's on the plane were always tuned to FoxNews, and it being a "Republican-leaning network" he wanted the TV's changed to CNN. He claimed to have been told by a man who's name he couldn't remember (convenient, huh?) that the TV's were to stay on Fox. Upon complaining to Scott McClellan, Scott had the channels changed.

This goes right into my view about tolerance. Why is it when my colleagues talk about moving on after grad school they refer to wanting to go places that are "more liberal?" If I wanted to go somewhere more conservative I would never have come to college, let alone grad school. It's humorous to me that a political ideology that claims to be tolerant of others refuses to listen to another side of an argument or another way of thinking. How ironic.

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