Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Global Warming and Science

It seems as if a full-fledged case of irony is panning out in the scientific community. Individuals are now calling for the National Hurricane Center and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) to stop covering up the truth about global warming. So who are these brave souls?

Hundreds of concerned citizens and leaders from across the nation will join Hurricane Katrina survivors...

Obviously they are such prominent scientific and climate experts that they are known as "concerned citizens" and "leaders." They are much smarter than these guys:

Warmer ocean water combined with lower wind shear, weaker easterly trade winds, and a more favorable wind pattern in the mid-levels of the atmosphere are the factors that collectively will favor the development of storms in greater numbers and to greater intensity. Warm water is the energy source for storms while favorable wind patterns limit the wind shear that can tear apart a storm's building cloud structure.

This confluence of conditions in the ocean and atmosphere is strongly related to a climate pattern known as the multi-decadal signal, which has been in place since 1995.

That's right - a climatological cycle. Imagine that - a climate pattern that does not increase or decrease indefinitely. If I were a "global warming" scientist I would argue that tonight in Ohio it is going to be 120 degrees - because that is the temperature predicted by the increase in temperature this morning.

The amazing irony is that those who support "global warming" theory argue that it's truth has been covered up by the government and scientists. However, a bunch of non-expert "citizens" and "leaders" have no qualms trying to silence real experts when their version of reality is contested. Amazing.

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