Thursday, June 22, 2006

Can someone explain this to me?

How can the Democratic party logically favor pulling out of Iraq ASAP? The Senate rejected two bills today - the first was John Kerry and Russ Feingold's amendment to leave Iraq immediately (which failed miserably) and the other was a more widely Democratically-supported amendment to begin withdrawing troops immediately.

It's clear to the Republicans (and to me) that pulling our troops out before Iraqi forces are ready to take over will simply allow the foreign terrorists to overthrow the Iraqi government. Why would Democrats want that?

Actually, they don't. You see, they love to throw out the term "rubber-stamp" to describe the GOP-controlled congress. (Of course, if the Republicans always disagreed with the President they would whine about "discontent" and "division" among Republicans). What the Democrats have devised in this case is simple opposition. They are opposed to absolutely everything Republicans and the President are for.

The Democrats are the ones who should now put partisan politics aside, and realize that opposing the President on this issue would spell disaster and failure in Iraq.

Update: John Kerry just sent an email out to his mailing list thanking those that supported his amendment and asking us to thank the few Senators who voted for it. The email was chuck full of ad nauseum statements about needing to leave Iraq and whatnot - too many for me to need to reproduce here. You know what? I might just email some of these Senators and tell them how much I disapprove of their partisan actions...

Update again: Oops! It looks like John Kerry was against withdrawing from Iraq, before he was for it. This guy just can't catch a break. If only no one was recording the things he says...

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