Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Recently I have delved into the shadowy realm of the Democratic Underground's comments pages. This shadowy world is filled with conspiracy theories, Bush-hating, America-hating, and the best the new American Left has to offer. When I saw they had a thread about Bush's surprise visit to Iraq, I knew what I would find. Death threats, and a sneering desire that the President of the United States be killed. I was right.

I hope Bush is on the losing end of an IED.


I wonder how many soldiers will be killed protecting the Chimpster for this newest photo-op. Maybe a few of them will turn their back for just a minute rather than sacrifice themselves for his glory. We can only hope.


shows just how desperate they are.. and where his few remaining (coerced) supporters are...he better watch out for "collateral damage", they might just drop a 500 pound bomb on him.


Hey Bush
That looks like that might be an IED over there, would you go check it out for us?


it might surprise them to know that I could give a s**t about the minute-by-minute details of this latest photo op. The only thing I want to hear about is 500-lb bombs being dropped on the World's #1 Terrorist. Any chance that could happen today?

I'm sure there will be more statements up like this before the day is over. It's a good thing that these people don't make up the majority of the Democratic party. Never before has a group of Lefties begged, hoped, and prayed for the assassination or murder of the President. They disgust me.

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