Friday, July 28, 2006

"Art" and Whining Democrats

The Gaurdian and Michelle Malkin are covering one of the most bizarre and wrong stories I have read about in a long time. In the name of "art," photographer Jill Greenberg paid child models, and used her own daughter, to photograph crying children that reminded her of the "helplessness and anger I feel about our current political and social situation." She caused the children to cry by giving them suckers and promptly yanking them back out of the children's mouths, photographing their reactions. She also stated that sometimes the children's parents needed to assist in the creation of their children's emotional states if they weren't arisen by the removal of the sucker - but those methods are not described. It is further unexplained why the children were nearly if not completely naked for the photo shoot. She says she got the idea from photographing other children and when one started crying, she though a picture of him with the caption "four more years" adequately visualized her feelings on the reelection of George W. Bush.

In addition to the teasing that was involved to make the children cry, she made a bizarre offhand comment that using children for photographs was "less expensive" than using monkeys. This connection was not explained.

Further, Greenberg herself must escape the enormous irony of photographing children crying to describe how liberals feel about the current administration. Whining, crying children are often how I interpret liberals whose every breath is directed at opposing the administration's directives.

I almost didn't post on this story because I do find it somewhat disturbing. A lot of weird things are done to children in TV ads and shows and some of it is a bit beyond my ability to understand - in this case even more difficult in that the emotional states of the children were brought on to visualize the photographer's own feelings. I don't think Greenberg needs as much attention as she needs a psychiatric evaluation

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