Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beer, iPods, and Fraternities

It's being reported today that Department of Homeland Security officials racked up millions of dollars of inappropriate expenditures in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Democrats initially criticised DHS and FEMA for being to strict with money. It turns out that the criticism lent itself to credit card limits waived and expenses spiraling out of control.

Instead of stating that maybe it was the wrong idea to throw money at Katrina, Senator Chuck Schumer greatly embarrassed himself:

The report "shows yet again that the Department of Homeland Security seems to be sometime run more like a college fraternity house, than an agency meant to protect us from terror"

You know, I lived in a fraternity for four years during college, and I don't ever remember buying a home beer-brewing kit, portable showers, iPods, or doggy accessories with a credit card that had a $250,000 limit. Instead of stating that government offices should be more careful with their money (or - God forbid - get less money) Schumer decides to insult fraternities with a bizarre non sequitur. What a jerk.

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