Friday, July 21, 2006

Some of us just don't get it.

What are the root problems of the conflict in the Middle East? In returning to my Alma Mater, I see an article by noted atheist Hector Avalos. Dr. Avalos has been known for saying a lot of crazy things in his day, but his most recent comments (and book, evidently) are a whole new laugh.

In the article, he claims that if a "sacred space" in Israel were shared by the main world religions, then violence would be a thing of the past. Lets look at this idea.

First, the sacred places in Israel are shared. Many holy cities are occupied by Israelis, others by Palestinians and Arabs. The most poignant example of this is the holiest site of them all - the temple mount. Israel, after taking the whole of Jerusalem, still allowed the Palestinians to operate control of the mount, an operation that has incensed Jews for decades as Muslim "archaeologists" have done irreparable damage to the foundations of the structure and its archaeological treasures.

Next and finally, I'm afraid that Dr. Avalos misses one of the main points often missed when describing this conflict. The Muslims that are a part of Hezbollah, and the terrorists in Hamas want Israel destroyed and the Jews there exterminated. No "safe sacred space" is going to change that. Israel needs to defend itself in an aggressive enough way as to prevent the terrorist thugs from deeming it worthwhile to attack. After they've been beaten... I honestly have no idea. However, thinking that the Israelis 1) don't share the holy sites in the region and 2)would be perfectly safe sitting down in a "safe space" with Muslim terrorists is simply lunacy and short-sightedness. Try again, Hector.

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