Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CNN Spews Terrorist Propaganda

CNN put an article up yesterday describing a mass burial in Lebanon. The reporter admits that there were more reporters there than those being buried, and also admits that they were "invited."

We already know that Hezbollah (along with many Islamic terrorist groups) are masters of the media and propaganda. They know just what to do to look good for the cameras, including bogus tours of damage and fake ambulances.

The clear propaganda message in this article comes from descriptions of "maggots" and "blood" seeping from a body bag.

To those of you who don't know, strict Muslims bury their dead as soon as possible, nearly eliminating the need for embalming as most burials take place within 24 hours. Maggots take about 4 days to mature to the point and multiply to the number to be "pouring" from a body bag. Next, if blood was still running from the bag as well, there is no way maggots would have had time to develop. Therefore, what you have in this story proves that 1) those being buried were not strict Muslims, 2) the scene is staged or 3) the CNN reporter is lying.

I don't mean to negate civilian casualties - each death in this conflict is a tragedy. However, this blatant passing on or outright creation of false terrorist propaganda is inexcusable by any news outlet - especially CNN. It's clear to me that modern war is based on propaganda - and thanks to CNN anyone who fights terrorists ususally loses.

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