Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crazy Dr. Dean

Believe it or not, but I got another email from loony Howard Dean today, and it's not pretty.

The email is about a "bi-partisan" bill that will open up all government contracts to the public's prying eyes. Dean opens up the email with statements about remembering the "$436 hammer." Well, Howard, the $436 hammer was the only way the Pentagon was able to pay for top secret research and development projects that were considered "black." I do agree with this attempt at government transparency - but let's face the facts. 1) the government spends a lot of money on secret initiatives that the average Joe knows nothing about. Is this good? Not necessarily, but it is, at times, necessary for national security. 2) even if these budget books are opened and searchable, don't you think that government programs too important to be exposed would be somehow expunged? So what is the point of this email anyway?

Simple - it's for Dean to remind us all of how bizarrely nuts he is. Take this classic example:

From Iraq to our own Gulf Coast, dollars that could be saving lives are being held up, misspent, or wasted. Troops don't have the body armor they need, small businesses in New Orleans haven't received support, and across the country 45 million people go without health insurance.

Eh? Dollars that could have been spent elsewhere have been wasted? The body armor claim is about two years old at this point - the troops have exactly what they want (and believe it or not, they don't always want body armor). Next, 45 million people are without health insurance? Evidently Dean would like our taxes to pay for that, too. Now I know he's a liberal, but throwing that statement in there is just plain nuts. Oh, and I thought that a donation-soliciting email after a terrorist attack is thwarted is bad politics - is not one that is designed to elicit anger at the expense of those suffering from a national tragedy?

Republicans have created the most expensive government in history through their corruption and out-of-control spending, but at the same time they've either refused or failed to meet the challenges of governing, like adequately preparing for disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

I need not go any further than this. If any of you are paying attention (and Dr. Dean is evidently not) you'd know that the federal deficit has dropped 10% from '01 to '06. Bush promised to do this by '08, but he's done better. If the deficit has dropped, how can this be the most expensive government in history? Also, what kind of a claim is it that the government did not "adequately prepare" for Hurricane Katrina? Besides using this tragedy again for political advantage, the fantasy that the Democrats, if they were in power, would have somehow magically forseen the danger in New Orleans is not only stupid it is laughably irresponsible.

Howard Dean: reminding me every week by email why I am a conservative.

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