Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The new term to describe the more and more convincing evidence of photograph manipulation, staging, and improper captioning going on by all major news agencies in the Middle East.

Here is an excellent roundup of the current photo scandals, including but not limited to:

Digitally manipulated photos;
Staged photos;
Photos with obviously false captions;
Photos of people who have had their "homes" "bombed" twice weeks apart;
Photos of rescue workers who appear as dead bodies in later photos;
Scores of photos of toys in the wreckage of homes;
Photos of dead people sitting up;
Photos of cars with only the windows blown out "hit by Israeli aircraft missiles"

This is fast becoming a huge scandal - bigger than any forged national guard documents. Because of that one photoshopped Reuters image, bloggers have exposed dozens of examples of the mainstream media (the AP, AFP, Reuters, New York Times, and Washington Post) either pushing obviously fake and staged photos, allowing them ignorantly to pass by editors, or becoming actually complicit in the fake photo creation.

The old media is dying, and these times have become their death throws.

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