Friday, August 11, 2006

The New Left

Yesterday the Brits, with the help of the Pakistanis and the NSA's wiretapping and money tracking programs, foiled a major terrorist attack days away from making a "dry run." Republicans have already been accused of using the event "politically" to their advantage.

However, the New Left (also known as "netroots" or "if you're not 'left' of the 'left' then you're not 'left' enough") at DailyKos and the Democratic Underground fail to realize the enormous irony in their whining. Neither website has posted any kind of news hoopla on one of the most successful terrorist busts in history. No posts - none. Then both sites started posting either nutty "Bush knew" and "fake plot before the November elections" conspiracy theories, soon after followed by the usual "how could the Republicans claim we are soft on terrorism?" lines. How can they claim that they, too, are not being political if their only mention of terrorism at all is to bash Republicans? I would ask the New Left, why wouldn't we think you are soft on terrorism? It seems to me that when a terror bust happens:

1)news gets out
2)Republicans remind the nation how good they are at combating terrorism
3)Democrats complain that Republicans are using the situation to their political advantage

Let me put it this way - if stopping terrorism made the Democrats look good, then they would remind the nation how good they are at national security every time terrorists are arrested, right?

Instead, they support newspapers that expose legal national security programs that, in this case and others were used to stop terrorists. The New Left is confused - but what else is new?

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