Monday, August 07, 2006


It's hard to grasp all of the things that have gone on this weekend with the Reuters photo scandal. Reuters has now admitted that two photos by photographer Adnan Hajj were doctored using Photoshop. Reuters initially claimed that Hajj "accidentally" manipulated the photos while trying to remove "dust scratches" "in the dark." Inexplicable.

Reuters has gone on to remove all 920 photographs they had published that were shot by Hajj, citing that his work could no longer be trusted. No kidding?

It has also been revealed that Hajj and a number of Lebanese photographers for the AP and Reuters are in league with the Hezbollah terrorists, staging fake photos of women and children crying in front of their supposedly recently destroyed homes.

It's hard to classify this as a "new low" of the old media due to the numerous "new lows" that have already occurred in the past six months. Suffice it to say that this incident reveals the astounding level of propaganda and outright manipulation of the media by a group of photographers who stage or create while editors turn a blind eye as the news is manufactured for someone's specific gain (usually the terrorists.)

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