Sunday, October 15, 2006

Liberal Logic: AirAmerica Bankruptcy Has No Correlation With Listener Interest

You won't easily find the news from most media outlets, but AirAmerica Radio just filed for bankruptcy protection, more than likely ending it's short-lived confronfrontation with conservative talk radio. In case any of you big-hearted supporters were wondering, you don'tneed to send immediate aid, Al Franken is still collecting his $900K salary as the company is liquidated...'cuz he's big enough, loud enough, full of enough shit, and doggone it, they're willing to pay him.

The most amusing part of the NY Times story is the observation that "industry executives were quick to deny any suggestion that the filing reflected lack of listener interest in the so-called progressive talk format." Even after management shuffles, expanding into new markets and benefiting from the mainstream media's "common sense" that it's harder than ever to support Republicans, AirAmerica has lost more money every year ($19.6m in '05). It sounds like they've been asking Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi for business advice; maybe they should consider giving their employees free health care...

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