Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Best Newspaper in the World

From the New York Times infamous corrections section:

An entry in the News Summary on Saturday misstated the name of the team that the St. Louis Cardinals defeated to win the World Series. It was the Detroit Tigers, not the Detroit Lions.


UPDATE: The continuing crisis; from today's corrections page:

A chart with The Fifth Down column in Sports on Oct. 25, which ranked the top five states that produced the most N.F.L. players on opening-day rosters this season, gave the incorrect ranking in some copies for two states and omitted a state. The correct rankings: California is first (206 players); Florida is second (177); Texas is third (175); Ohio is fourth (83); and Georgia is fifth (80). Because the city of Detroit was listed as a state, in third place, the rankings for Texas and Ohio were incorrect and Georgia was omitted.

City, state - what's the difference?

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