Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Political Roundup: 11/29/06

Genius statesman Chuck Schumer is claiming that an entire train of political thought is now finished: he says Reaganism is dead. Quick! Somebody tell the Republicans!

Insane Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad sent the US people another letter today. His message? Convert to Islam or die.

A "Christian" theologian in Tennessee said today at a conference that Christian need to live peacefully with Muslims and Jews. How? By rejecting that little notion that Jesus Christ is the son of God. You know, for peace...

The shrill of bogus news stories is becoming louder and louder. Contesting the Associated Press' lies about murders by burning in Iraq is claimed by an AP spokesman to be "ludicrous." If only their one single source was who he says he is...

The only real civil war in the world currently happening, the French civil war, is reaching new heights. Muslims now control over 700 districts within Paris.

Virginia must be proud of their Senator-elect James Webb, for avoiding the President at a state function, and then insulting him with anti-war gibberish.

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