Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Return of the Holiday of Winter

Although I think things have improved from last year, it seems that my alma mater has begun another year of celebrating the paganism of winter - and this year they are calling it "Winterfest." A celebration of, uh, coldness?

This time the article includes a picture if the apparently unnamed "tree," formerly the "Christmas Tree" and then the "Holiday Tree" and then the "Century Tree" (?). Evidently the best way to avoid controversy was to not call the tree anything at all.

Multiculturalism = No-culturalism.

Back in the day my fraternity walked campus during the former "Festival of Lights" and sang Christmas carols. Now the article talks loosely of "holiday songs." Right.

Well, anyway - I'm glad to see that Iowa State is still in the business of denying religion in the name of diversity and celebrating the 23.5 degree tip in the axis of the Earth in the northern hemisphere rather than the birth of the Son of God.

Just another Holiday...

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