Sunday, November 19, 2006

So much for bipartisanship...

I thought now that the Democrats had taken over congress, they were going to put past the days of bitter partisanship and silly political stunts.

Evidently no one sent the memo to lefty Chuck Rangel. Since he has recently said that he will not support the impeachment of George W. Bush, it seems that he has turned his time towards other worthy pursuits - like the draft.

Yes, that's right. Chuck says that there aren't enough troops for national security, regardless of the fact that the military has repeatedly met and/or exceeded its recruiting goals.

I wonder what Chuck has up his sleeves?

I don't see how anyone can support the war and not support the draft.

Ah, I see. So this is just a political stunt to call the Republicans hypocrites for not supporting the draft while supporting the war. This strategy will undoubtedly backfire very soon, and in combination with Nancy Pelosi's foolish endorsement of cut-and-run former Marine Jack Murtha in his failed bid for House leadership, it's interesting to see the meltdown of the Democratic party before they even take power on Capitol Hill.

Maybe someone should introduce a resolution of support for the troops. I'd be interested in who would vote for that.

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