Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Old Liberal Fantasy Courtesy of John Kerry

Failed presidential candidate, senator, and orator John Kerry sends me emails every now and then. Now that the Democrats have had their glorious victory his emails have been coming much less frequently. However, today John felt the need to pass on the old tired liberal fantasy:

Al [Gore] was an early leader and a visionary on climate change -- and if he had not just been elected but been inaugurated as president, America today would be the world's leading advocate, not the world's leading opponent, of preventing climate change.

This comment is difficult to comprehend at this time. John Kerry isn't exactly known for saying things that are intelligent, researched, or timely, but if he wants to pass the "Al Gore should really be president" fantasy he is truly off the grid.

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The Big Ticket said...

Besides, I didn't realize the U.S. is the WORLD'S LEADING OPPONENT to preventing global warming. Maybe our country ought to halt our persistant efforts to destroy this planet and instead deploy jedi methods of returning balance to the (climatic) force. And those methods would be...? It's great to see some of our government's political leaders cringe at the war on terror and stand strong for the unsubstantiated, phantom war on climate change. Where are your priorities, John?