Saturday, December 16, 2006

Unconscionable Double-Standard

After 34 minutes and a second dose of lethal-injection drugs was needed to carry out the sentence on a convicted murderer in Florida, Jeb Bush put executions on hold saying that the process needs to be reviewed so that it can be insured it does not cause undue pain. It turns out that the needles missed his veins, but hey - let's review the whole process.

Meanwhile, in California, a judge has ordered executions halted so it can be determined whether they cause "pain" in their convicted victims.

"This demonstrates that there is no happy and kind and nice way to execute someone," said David Elliot, a spokesman for the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. "Execution is a messy business."

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I actually oppose the death penalty. Although someone is on death row for sometimes decades, the terminality of the sentence disturbs me.

However, isn't it unusual that these same critics of execution and "pain" for convicted murderers and rapists still support the execution on-demand of the innocent?

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The Big Ticket said...

Have you ever seen the show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? (It has become one of my favorites.) This reminds me of an episode in which one of the main characters starts attending anti-abortion rallies to meet chicks, and at one point gets drawn into a debate with a friend who is pro-choice as they exchange arguments about how "that's the problem with you right-wingers: you cry about the sanctity of life but then support the death penalty. Doesn't that also include killing someone?" "That's right, and you liberals are against killing murderers but are for killing innocent babies."
Both statements hold some truth. The bottom line is, however, that "I hate dead baby fetuses. I hate them...because they're dead...and they shouldn't be."