Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stuffing documents in your pants has never been so easy

Remember Sandy Berger? He was Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor, and is even better known for raiding the National Archives and stealing key Clinton Administration documents by stuffing them in his coat, briefcase, and pants.

The more the story is evaluated, the sweeter Berger's misdemeanor plea deal looks. He has only admitted to stealing 5 documents, and since the documents are classified and uninventoried there is no way to tell how many documents he actually stole. Also, since Mr. Berger's intention was to destroy said documents, there is no reason to believe any originals remain.

Finally, now we have unequivocal proof that Berger indeed stole documents with the intention of destroying them. The staff at the Archives, finally wise to Berger's shenanigans, finally numbered each document and replaced one that was missing with a copy. Berger promptly stole that document, too. Considering Berger removed files pertaining to the Clinton administration's handling of terrorism and Osama bin Laden before 9/11, Berger's philandering is more serious than a misdemeanor and if Americans died as a result of his tampering the charge of treason would be more appropriate - for himself and those who employed him.

Update: Why doesn't the news media care about this story?

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