Friday, January 19, 2007

UN = Corrupt Failure

It has been revealed today that the UN Development Program, the UN's $4 billion development agency, has funneled at least $28 million unchecked into the government of North Korea. The money was supposed to go to humanitarian and environmental programs, but the UNDP representatives were chosen by the North Koreans, they required the money come in cash (which is against UN policy) and they didn't allow the UNDP into the sites that were supposedly being improved by the UN funds.

The UN auditors found out about this in 1999, but successfully covered it up until now.

At the same time UN officials were chastising American diplomats for asking for more UN transparency, those same diplomats were allowing Iraq to buy them off, getting rich of Oil for Food money, and giving North Korea a blank check of mostly US contributed money.

The UN has to go - or at least America needs to stop funding it. What other rogue nations are getting our cash?

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