Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The angry angry left

Michelle Malkin points us to the angry left, in this case the angry left with John Edward's blessing. The problem with lefty bloggers is that they are always so angry and defiant towards the upcoming apocalypse of supposed conservative rule.

In this case, John Edwards hired a particularly angry lefty blogger as his head campaign blogger, and she decided to deride the Catholic church on John's website. Besides the fact that every other word on her blog is the F-bomb, why would John have suspected that she might cause this kind of problem?

What makes my really laugh at the angry lefties is that I can't understand why they are still angry? Sure - evil Bushitler is still Commander in Chief, but the Democrats have no intention of letting the Constitution get in the way of their obstructionism.

To the angry left - chill out! Vote for Hillary next November and take some Tums in the meantime.

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