Monday, February 05, 2007

Global Warming Annihilation

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN's global warming mouthpiece, issued its long-awaited report last week.'s original title for the article was most appropriate to the report's findings, "Global Warming Manmade; Unstoppable." If you read the report, the conclusion the scientists came to was that global warming is happening, is man-made, and is not going to be stopped because we are already too far gone. However, we should lower Co2 output anyway, and maybe the cataclysmic destruction of the Earth will go a bit smoother.

In the meantime, I have discovered an excellent series of articles by the Canadian National Post.

The first installment describes how the statistics of climate change have been skewed and how the global warming alarmists cling to the "wrong but accurate" mantra.

The next installment is from one of the scientists on the IPCC who claims not only that his research has been misused and misquoted, that global warming may be beneficial to humans.

The next articles details the IPCC's greatest folly, its insistence to connect hurricanes to global warming without any evidence whatsoever. The IPCC's top hurricane scientist resigned from the group when his decades of research were ignored when preparing for a press conference detailing the connection between global warming and hurricanes last summer.

Next the National Post describes how Antarctic ice sheets are growing, not shrinking.

Dr. Richard Lindzen is up next, one of the original detractors to man-made climate change and representative of the abuse, funding loss, and academic derision leveled at those who choose to embrace science over alarmism.

Is the sun responsible for global warming more so than CO2? Some think so. Some also look at solar output as the real controller of global climate - like it has been for millenia. Considering that the climate of Mars is warming without Martians, industry, or CO2 emissions it's clear that the sun is responsible for climate changes.

Global warming might just be in its death throws with more and more scientists speaking out, regardless of their published articles being mocked, themselves getting kicked out of professional associations, and their funding disappearing. It seems that science might one day catch up with itself. I just hope it happens before the year 2050 when they are all proved wrong anyway.

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