Friday, February 09, 2007

The Idiot Factor

John Kerry has sent us all another one of his clever emails. He claims to be near to introducing a piece of legislation that will set a "one-year deadline" to "redeploy our troops" (retreat) from Iraq. Someone should let John know that he's not the President.

Along with this bold unconstitutional piece of legislation, he promises to:

-launch a major diplomatic initiative, the only hope for a sustainable resolution in Iraq
(-negotiate with our sworn murderous enemies that only want the Iraqi government to fail)
-enforce a series of benchmarks to hold Iraqis accountable for meeting key political objectives
(-the enforcement of benchmarks is such a powerful strategy)
-change the American military mission to training Iraqi security forces and counter-terrorism operations
(-does John watch the news? What does he think they are doing over there?)
-maintain an over the horizon presence to protect American regional interests.
(-similar to the "over the horizon" force that was maintained near Vietnam in 1975)

I haven't decided if John Kerry is purposeful in making himself look like a complete idiot, or if the liberals on his email list actually believe the drivel he sends on a weekly basis. On thing is for sure - if John Kerry is serious he is seriously disconnected from reality. The reality that we are doing what he wants us to in Iraq, that negotiating with terrorists and Iranians is foolhardy, and that only the President of the United States can redeploy our troops.

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