Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mind-Numbing Media Bias on Parade

Update: Great pictures and coverage by Michelle Malkin that you won't see in any old media source. How many pro-administration and pro-troop protesters were in Washington this weekend? Over 30,000.

Today CSPAN is riding high covering every minute of the Stalinist International A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition's anti-war protest in D.C. Unfortunately for the small band of protesters, their original announced intentions of defacing the Vietnam War Memorial caused an outcry among conservatives and veterans, and easily twice as many showed up than the protesters. Of course, no media outlets bothered to interview anyone besides the small band of anti-war activists (minus the truthers, of course).

In other news, Time magazine has outdone themselves with a show of photo-extraordinary liberal bias. Last week they tossed up this whopper - insinuating that Dick Cheney had something to do with the non-illegal "leak" of a non-secret CIA agent's name (where's the picture of Richard Armitage?):

This week they have outdone themselves again and photoshopped a tear on Ronald Reagan's face for the cover, supposedly showing conservatives' newfound "sadness" over the Plame-Wilson non-scandal. Amazing.This isn't news - this is ridiculous.

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