Monday, March 19, 2007

Polls or Propaganda

Hot Air takes a look at some recent polling done by BBC and ABC that show Iraqis' general distrust of the U.S. and disapproval of our invasion in 2003. Everything looks good to the old media - the Iraqis disapprove of us, right?


As you can see, ABC and the BBC oversampled Sunni Muslims, a minority in Iraq that was in power with Saddam and is now down and out. In some cases this wild oversampling causes poll numbers to swing as much as 90% in the other direction.

85% of the country approves of the invasion (to a greater or lesser extent) by 70+%, and yet somehow we’ve ended up with a clear majority who are opposed.

Why would ABC and the BBC release such bad polls?

Maybe because they are like the modern American Left and support the troops?

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