Friday, April 27, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards plays the "Black" card

Oh, what if a political election season could pass without a little racism and BDS! Elizabeth Edwards, on the circuit for $400 haircut-receiving hubby John, claims now that George W. Bush went to Virginia Tech right after the shootings, and waited to go to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina because VT provided a "prettier picture" to the media (i.e. more white people). Not only should this be an indictment of the media and not the President but it is completely ridiculous. Let's not forget the derision towards President Clinton when he visited the site of a natural disaster for a photo op.

Elizabeth did say one intelligent thing, though:

"Issues that involve African-Americans in this country do not get the same amount of attention - it's in government things..."

That's right - the most diverse presidential cabinet in history is the one serving George W. Bush. What gets the headlines? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi...

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