Saturday, April 07, 2007

News Roundup 4/7/07

The Social work academic program at Missouri State University got the worst evaluation its president has ever seen of a program. What alerted the administration that there was a problem? When a Christian student refused to complete an "assignment" to send a letter to the Missouri legislature requesting that gay couples be allowed to foster children.

The lovely and peaceful Iranians seemed to not have treated their British captives very humanely after all. In an attempt to violate as many provisions of the Geneva Convention as possible, they lined up the captives (bound and blindfolded), placed them against a wall, and faked their executions. How nice.

Finally, a lesson in media bias via Powerline blog. In one "news" story, the world's foremost expert on hurricanes becomes a mindless old coot "railing" and "out of the mainstream" when it comes to his criticism of Al Gore and global warming. Simply amazing.

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