Monday, April 23, 2007

We Lost

Time to pack up and go home. It's now official: the U.S. military has lost the war in Iraq. Says who? Why, Harry Reid of course. I'm sure this doesn't embolden our enemies at all.

What's that phrase again? "Aid and comfort"...

Update: Watching a History Channel special called Shootout again tonight about the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968 reminds me that wars are not always won by men or guns, but public opinion and the media. For a democratically elected representative to claim we have "lost" is indeed an attempt, whether conscious or not, to cause us to loose the war. Is such a statement patriotic or treasonous?

Update again: Joe Lieberman responds:

This week witnessed horrific terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists in Iraq, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and leading Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to declare that the war is 'lost.'

With all due respect, I strongly disagree. Senator Reid's statement is not based on military facts on the ground in Iraq and does not advance our cause there.

Reid, against his better judgments, falls into a pit of cognitive dissonance:

"In an effort to shift attention from this Administration's failed polities – and I say that in the plural – the President and his allies have repeatedly questioned whether I and my fellow Democrats support our troops," the majority leader told fellow senators. "No one wants us to succeed in Iraq more than the Democrats. We've proven that time and time again since this war started more than four years ago. We take a back seat to no one in supporting our troops, and we will never abandon our troops in a time of war."

No one wants us to succeed more than the Democrats. Except that we already lost. Oh, and we support the troops.

Is there something wrong with this man?

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