Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is one of the most important jobs of a President?

To appoint Supreme Court justices.

The Court split 5-4 today to uphold the federal ban on "partial birth abortions." Here is a summary of the majority ruling and opinion. I look forward to reading the dissent. Oh, and guess which justices were in the minority...

Update: Hot Air:

Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion? This is like Darth Vader throwing the Emperor down the well at the end of [Star Wars: Return of the Jedi].

Update again: Justice Ginsburg, who wrote the dissent (no!) accuses the majority opinion justices of simple and archaic sexism. Apparently, defending an unborn child is relegating a woman to the status of "mother" (which is apparently horrible). Of course, once you are pregnant you are a mother, a concept Supreme Court justices like Ginsburg simply can never understand.

Update again again: Where do your favorites stand?
Hillary, Obama, Edwards - all support partial birth abortion.
McCain, Guiliani, Romney - all oppose partial birth abortion.

Just an FYI...

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