Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Truther View

Rosie is on her high horse again, and this time she's getting desperate. Rosie's not really been known for her accurate recollection of past events and statements (such as calling the US and the US military "terrorists") but she has come through for the View in one small way. Apparently she has booked conspiracy theorists and the 9/11 "Truthers" who created the laughably fictional "documentary" called Loose Change to appear on the View. Apparently true to her desire to talk about her insane conspiracy theories, she has yet to book a few individuals whose intellectual prowess on the matter tower over Rosie and the Truthers like my foot over a spider - the people at Popular Mechanics.

If Rosie actually does an entire show on how 9/11 is a government conspiracy, it'll be long past time for ABC to pull the plug on the whole thing. But the idiocy will be fun to watch...

Oh, and in case you have a few free moments and want to get some interesting information on conspiracy theories, see the second part of Bill Whittle's essay Seeing the Unseen.

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